Tooth Extractions in Leawood

An extraction becomes necessary when a tooth has an infection that cannot be restored, trauma occurs, or severe crowding is present. Making a plan for the removal of the diseased tooth and choosing an option for its replacement is accomplished before the extraction procedure is scheduled. There are several choices for restoring the space left by a missing tooth, including an implant, bridge or partial denture. Leaving the space unrestored is also a choice, but can lead to instability in the remaining dentition in some cases.

Thorough instructions will be given before and after the extraction. Feeling comfortable throughout the procedure is our first priority, including making certain that profound anesthesia has been achieved. After the procedure, a small amount of bleeding is normal. Though a concavity where the tooth was removed will persist for several weeks, bone will slowly fill the socket. Complete bone formation can take a couple of months.

A dry socket occurs when healing has been interrupted. The risk of a dry socket is highest within 2-4 days of the visit and is extremely painful. If a dry socket develops, contacting the office is important. The instructions below will help prevent a dry socket from happening.

Post extraction care tips:

  • 3 s’s: no smoking, no sucking through a straw, and no spitting
  • Avoid carbonated, hot and alcoholic beverages
  • Mild soft diet

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